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Welcome to the website of the premier Serama breeder in the world. Jerry Schexnayder; breeder, exhibitor, importer, exporter, thousands of satisfied customers.

Jerry’s Seramas LLC is dedicated to the introduction and promotion of the Serama in North America and world wide. be they American, Malaysian or Traditional, I seek to continuously improve their beauty, quality, health and vigor and share this experience with other serama enthusiasts wherever they may be. 

About the Serama

The serama makes for a beautful companion and pet both indoors and outdoors. Their small size requires very little space and a pair or trio can be houses comfortably in a 24×18 inch enclosure. Seramas should not be let out of their coop unless the area is completely free from predators including dogs, cats or birds of prey. Seramas will raise a racket if there is an unfamiliar animal or subject nearby and are safe as long as they are within earshot of a human who can make sure they are safe.  

They make great companions while gardening or early mornings or evenings on the porch. Their regal appearance adds to any home or yard. They are inexpensive to rear as one serama only consumes about 1lb of food per month.

As a domesticated and naturally breeding pet, the serama is a great subsitute for a wild caught pet or wild caught bird. Promoting the serama as a domestic cage bird will reduce the demand for wild caught birds.